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Magnetic Eyeliner & Eyelash Set:

What does the single eyelash set include? 

Magnetic eyelashes, magnetic eyeliner, & reusable storage box.

What does the double eyelash set include? 

Two Magnetic eyelash sets, magnetic eyeliner, tweezers,  & reusable storage box.

How do I use the magnetic lashes?

1. Shake the magnetic eyeliner.

2. Apply magnetic eyeliner to the eyelids and wait 1-2 minutes for the liner to fully dry. (very important that the liner is completely dried)

3. Attach the magnetic eyelashes to onto the eyeliner with a tool or hand to complete the look.

How do you remove magnetic eyelashes?

1. Pull lashes from outer end towards the inner eye gently.

2. Place lashes back in box on magnetic strips.

3. Remove liner with makeup remover.

4. Wash eyes with skin cleanser.

Are magnetic lashes safe?

Yes, magnetic lashes are formulated to be on and around the eye area. 

Do magnetic eyelashes ruin your eyelashes?

No, magnetic lashes are not glued to your natural lashes and won't take them out.

Is magnetic eyeliner waterproof?

Magnetic eyeliner is waterproof.

Can you wear magnetic lashes daily?


Are magnetic lashes reusable?

Yes you can reuse lashes 20-30 times as long as you avoid oils on the magnets to loosen the adhesive.

How do I clean the lashes?

ONLY if there is liner buildup - use a q-tip with a very minimal amount of silicone based eye makeup remover, if there is magnetic eyeliner residue to be removed off of the lashes. Wipe makeup remover off with another q-tip and water. Let dry. 

Can you use magnetic lashes with any liner?

No, magnetic lashes are only to be used with magnetic eyeliner.

What are the benefits of magnetic eyelashes?

Magnetic eyelashes are a great alternative to eyelash extensions and are easier to apply than traditional adhesive based strip lashes. Great for those who are stye prone and can not get traditional eyelash extensions. They also come in different lengths that are great for eyeglass wearers. 

What would be the cause of any reactions?

If you experience any discomfort such as itching or swelling remove the lashes and liner for a possible allergic reaction.

*Best practice is to fully remove liner before going to bed and not sleeping in it as this could also cause irritation. 

              Hair Extensions

How long do extensions last?

Our bundles can last up to 2 years based on your wear and tear, care and maintenance. 

What temperature can you use on hair extensions?

Our straight and body wave extensions can withstand up to 450 degrees of heat. For longevity it is better to use between 410-420 degrees. 

How do you clean extensions?

You should shampoo and condition the hair with sulfate free products with moisturizing properties. Proper drying keeps mold/mildew from setting in the tracks of the wefts. 

Can you color extensions?

Yes you can color our extensions. Regardless of the brand you go with you should only color darker extensions to a honey blonde level. Anything lighter getting into the platinum blonde range is not advised. You should purchase "613" color and color the hair down to the desired color.